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We work so you can move around Madrid as comfortably, safely and rapidly as possible. Travel on Madrid's Metro because, with 294 kilometres and 301 stations, we can take you wherever you would like to go. More than three million people travel daily with us.

Travel... When you travel you write your history on Earth. This is why the Metro now goes even further, so that Madrid can keep writing its story.






  1. 15-04-2015

    Alcorcón will have a new green route combining public transport and the bicycle

    Jesús Valverde and Ignacio González Velayos got to know today the itinerary of this new cyclo-pedestrian route, located in Las Presillas Park. It is the case of a 6-kilometre itinerary which can be reached either by Metro or Suburban Rail (Cercanías). With this new one there are now 11 green routes in the Community of Madrid

  2. 10-04-2015

    The Community promotes reading on public transport with a new ‘Books in the Street’ campaign

    As from today 15,000 new stickers, with fragments of different books, will be distributed on Metro and Suburban Rail (Cercanías) lines. Texts are included of the latest Cervantes Prize-winners: Elena Poniatowska and Juan Goytisolo. One out of every three Madrilenian readers reads on means of public transport (35% compared with 16.8% nationwide)

  3. 08-04-2015

    Magdalena Gallery returns to Metro to flood it with subway gifts and #TeVi messages

    The Line Zero Project reaches Plaza de España, Legazpi, Lavapiés and Villaverde Bajo Stations. Street artists offer another opportunity to different creators for them to disseminate their designs in the metro. In view of the over one thousand tweets received after the first announcement, more space is made available to #TeVi (I saw you) messages


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