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We work so you can move around Madrid as comfortably, safely and rapidly as possible. Travel on Madrid's Metro because, with 294 kilometres and 301 stations, we can take you wherever you would like to go. More than three million people travel daily with us.

Travel... When you travel you write your history on Earth. This is why the Metro now goes even further, so that Madrid can keep writing its story.






  1. 12-05-2015

    Metro volunteers initiate groups at risk of exclusion in mobile photography

    They are taking part in the 5th International Volunteer Week. They will be conducting two workshops for Asociación Realidades homeless people and Proyecto Hombre Madrid patients. More than 800 volunteers and 30 companies from all over Spain are taking part in the Give and Gain Day 2015 initiative.

  2. 06-05-2015

    An “app” unifies all information on Madrid public transport in real time

    Cavero tries out the new free application developed by the Regional Transport consortium. It indicates both the stops closest to the mobile device and the metro, bus, train and light metro arrival times. It offers information of tourist interest both in Spanish and English, such as the location of museums

  3. 29-04-2015

    Metro starts up a campaign to get the meaning of the names of 25 stations in the network known

    The Regional Secretary of Transport, Pablo Cavero, presented this initiative today in conjunction with the Royal Academy of History. It is the case of a first phase, which will be extended later to other Underground stations until reaching a total of 58. The posters have a QR code so that users may supplement the historical information on the famous character by way of their mobile phone


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