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We work so you can move around Madrid as comfortably, safely and rapidly as possible. Travel on Madrid's Metro because, with 293 kilometres and 300 stations, we can take you wherever you would like to go. More than three million people travel daily with us.

Travel... When you travel you write your history on Earth. This is why the Metro now goes even further, so that Madrid can keep writing its story.






  1. 27-10-2014

    The Community creates Metro “Line Zero” whereby spaces in the network are assigned to urban art

    At Moncloa Station today González presented the second stop of this innovative project, after Paco de Lucía Station in Mirasierra. Landmark Metro stations and spaces will exhibit street art creations either on a temporary or permanent basis. The ROTU Band makes Moncloa the second stop on this artistic line after the one decorated by Rosh333 and Okuda. The intention is to endow a place of transit with a new artistic and cultural value, bringing art to the stairs, walls and handrails

  2. 17-10-2014

    The Community commemorates the 95th anniversary of Metro with an exhibition recalling its most important milestones

    Pablo Cavero travelled along part of the first Metro Madrid line, which Alfonso XIII opened just 95 years ago today. A train with the livery of the 1920s will be running on Line 1 for one month and a special map has also been published. The exhibition, which may be visited at the Chamberí “ghost station” retraces the history of the Underground

  3. 14-10-2014

    Metro will be installing lockers for collecting e-commerce purchases at nine stations in the network

    The lockers will bring in earnings of at least 43,000 euro a year. The stations will be: Nuevos Ministerios, Moncloa, Príncipe Pío, Sainz de Baranda, Puerta del Sur, Chamartín, Ciudad Universitaria, Argüelles and Legazpi. The aim is to offer the customer yet another service and generate a new channel of earnings by way of these systems, as already operated by the London Underground. It is the case of a pilot project which will be available in the metro network for one year at least


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