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Plaza Elíptica

Tariff zone
  • Line 6 Circular
  • Line 11


  • Comercial services(*)

  • Elevators

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  • Rolling corridors

  • ATM`s


Vestibule Access name Restrictided time table (**) Mechanised (***) Comments
Vía Lusitana Avda. Oporto, pares
Avda. Oporto, 2
Vía Lusitana Pza. Fernández Ladreda
Pza. F. Ladreda (esq. A. Leyva 89, 91)
Vía Lusitana Ascensor
Pza. F. Ladreda (esq. A. Leyva 89 ,91)
Marcelo Usera Marcelo Usera, pares
Marcelo Usera, 170
Marcelo Usera Marcelo Usera, impares
Pza. Fernández. Ladreda, 2
Princesa Juana de Austria Intercambiador
Avda. Princesa Juana de Austria
6:00 to 0:30
* Commercial attention: At stations adapted to the new model of commercial attention introduced, tickets are only sold at automatic machines. If requiring the assistance of our staff, use the communication interphones located at the automatic machines, alongside the ticket control points, next to the escalators, in the lifts and concourses and on the platforms, and we will be pleased to offer you our personal attention.
** All our accesses are open to the public from 6 a.m. to 1.30 a.m., with the exception of those that have special opening hours.
*** Tickets are only dispensed at the automatic machines during the hours specified in this concourse.



441 Madrid(Atocha)-Getafe(Sector III)
442 Madrid(Atocha)-Getafe(J.de la Cierva)
443 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Getafe(Barrio dela Margaritas)
444 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Getafe(Sector III)
446 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Getafe(El Bercial)
460 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Parla-Batres
461 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Parla
463 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Parla-Torrejón de Velasco
464 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Parla-Yuncillos
469 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Parla(Parla Este-Hospital)
480 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Leganés(Est FFCC
) 481 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Leganés(Parque Sur-Hospital)
486 Madrid(Plaza Elíptica)-Leganés(Valdepelayo)

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