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We work so you can move around Madrid as comfortably, safely and rapidly as possible. Travel on Madrid's Metro because, with 294 kilometres and 301 stations, we can take you wherever you would like to go. More than three million people travel daily with us.

Travel... When you travel you write your history on Earth. This is why the Metro now goes even further, so that Madrid can keep writing its story.





  1. 09-12-2016

    The 6th edition of the campaign “Estás a un Metro de salvar muchas vidas” concludes with 3,466 donations

    This blood donation campaign has recorded the highest participation since it first started. It is organized in conjunction with Cruz Roja, the Community of Madrid Transfusion Centre, and Coca-Cola. This year the operation was reinforced at Ciudad Universitaria teaching centres, where 712 donations were obtained. The response to this initiative shows the solidarity and commitment of the public with regard to blood donation.

  2. 03-12-2016

    The Community will be investing 57 million euro in two years in installing over 30 lifts in 8 metro stations

    The Accessibility Plan will make 73% of the network accessible for physically handicapped people

  3. 01-12-2016

    The Community is re-opening Line 7B this Saturday after the termination of the ground consolidation works at San Fernando de Henares

    An initial section, between La Rambla and San Fernando, was re-opened on 8 April last. The operation consisted of injecting mortar into the surroundings of a ventilation and pumping shaft. The effects of the partial closure were alleviated by means of an alternative bus service at no extra charge for the user.


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