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  1. 26-07-2016

    Metro and the Madrid Observatory against LGTB-phobia join forces against homophobic aggressions

    They are starting up a campaign that encourages people to call 112 and contact the Observatory in order to receive psychological and legal support. The employees will have information at their disposal that will allow them to provide an answer to the needs of this group

  2. 14-07-2016

    Madrid’s underground transit system, Metro de Madrid, is looking to see how it can put the below-ground potential to use for clean, renewable energy.

    With this goal in mind, Metro has joined up with Madrid Subterra, an organisation promoting innovative ideas and projects in this area. Metro de Madrid sets an example in terms of innovation to achieve energy savings.

  3. 13-07-2016

    Cifuentes moves the Teatro Real [Royal Opera House] into the sphere of the inhabitants of Madrid with an exhibition at the Opera Metro [Underground] Station

    Passengers can view images of the theatre and its productions, reproduced on vinyl panels, along with costumes from some of the main operatic works. This initiative is the outcome of an agreement between Madrid’s Underground System, Metro de Madrid, and the Teatro Real Opera House Foundation to commemorate the theatre’s bicentennial. “Madrid’s public transport system is one of the best ways to publicise our region’s cultural offerings”, Cifuentes said


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