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We work so you can move around Madrid as comfortably, safely and rapidly as possible. Travel on Madrid's Metro because, with 294 kilometres and 301 stations, we can take you wherever you would like to go. More than three million people travel daily with us.

Travel... When you travel you write your history on Earth. This is why the Metro now goes even further, so that Madrid can keep writing its story.






  1. 15-02-2017

    Chueca Station will have two new escalators in April

    Metro Madrid is initiating a campaign relating to the responsible use of the escalators. The first of them will start working on 22 February and then installation of the second one will begin. Over the next four years the Regional Government will be spending 20.3 million euro on the renovation of escalators. The new Metro Accessibility Plan is endowed with 141.1 million euro for the period 2016-2020

  2. 12-02-2017

    Metro now collects more by way of e-Payment than in cash

    52% of payments in the metro in 2016 were made by way of e-Card. Sales of passes in the metro with a bank card in 2016 amounted to 316.7 million euro, compared with the 295.9 million collected in cash. The increase in sales of the new Young Persons Season Ticket is one of the reasons for the change in the trend of how we make payment. Metro Madrid now permits the purchase with a bank card of any transport pass, irrespective of its price.

  3. 09-02-2017

    Plaza Elíptica will be the third station remodelled under the Metro Accessibility Plan fomented by the Community

    After the first installation of a new lift at Sol and another three scheduled at Barrio de la Concepción. The Government of Cristina Cifuentes will be starting the works for the installation of 30 new lifts in 2017. The investment for this year under the Metro Accessibility Plan 2016-2020 is 63.5 million euro. The programme will make 73% of the whole Metro Madrid network accessible


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