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  1. 20-07-2017

    The Community installs bilingual signage on Metro Line 8 so that tourists can travel easily

    Metro has also improved the exterior signage indicating access to the stations on this line. In 2016 Line 8 had a total of 90 million users, many of them foreigners, who arrived in Madrid by way of the Metro. The line re-opened on 12 April last, after the renovation works of its installations

  2. 19-07-2017

    Cifuentes celebrates the success of dog access to the metro, used by over 135,000 dogs in the first year

    An average of 370 dogs enter the network every day, Chueca, Príncipe Pío, Embajadores and Retiro being the stations most used. More than 100 Mobile Brigade officers contribute to maintaining the security of over 2.2 million passengers a day. The latest quality survey amongst metro users considers security in the network as very good, with a score of 7.67 out of 10. The President offered these details during a visit to the National Police Station, at Nuevos Ministerios

  3. 17-07-2017

    Cifuentes gives her undertaking that Metro Madrid will continue to be a benchmark of modernity and competitiveness

    The President celebrates the hundred years since the commencement of the works for the Underground line that linked Sol with Cuatro Caminos stations. She emphasised the pioneering nature of Metro and the great transformation and cohesion that it has represented for Madrid. Theatrical representations, historical photographs and anecdotes recall the early days of Compañía Metropolitano Alfonso XIII. The first line, called Norte-Sur (North-South), had eight stations and covered a route of four kilometres. On its opening day this new infrastructure was used by 56,200 passengers, who each paid 15 cents for their ticket. Theatrical scenes with Alfonso XIII or Antonio Palacios recreate the commemoration of the start of the works a century ago.


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