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Web Accessibility

Amongst its objectives Metro de Madrid has full accessibility to the contents of this web page on the part of all citizens, irrespective of their having a disability, their age or accessing the web by way of unconventional technologies, in accordance with the provisions for Public Administration websites contained in the Law on Information Society Services and E-commerce.

For this purpose, our accessibility guidelines are as follows:

  • Compliance with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards, at level AA.
  • Verification of compliance with the above-mentioned guidelines through the Web Accessibility Test (TAW).
  • Inspection of compliance with the standards by independent third parties.

These guidelines are applicable in all the new pages and services of the portal metromadrid.es

Our work and efforts are aimed at continuing to improve accessibility to this portal all the time, and we therefore expect your understanding and cooperation. We invite you to help us to improve this Website by forwarding your comments and suggestions to the address accesibilidadweb@metromadrid.es

Documents in PDF format

The Metro de Madrid website contains information in Pdf format. In most cases, although that information is offered in other accessible formats, there is information prior to the certification of the website that only exists in pdf format. Metro de Madrid assumes the commitment to supply that information in another format, subject to prior request to the email address: accesibilidadweb@metromadrid.es informing us of the information or document in question.

Accessibility of the news search engine

As mentioned before, the aim of Metro de Madrid is that the contents should be fully accessible to all the citizens, so a news search engine has been implemented so that they may be able to carry out searches on press releases within any date range.

The search engine enables a date to be selected by means of a pop-up calendar. This calendar is implemented using JavaScript technology. In order not to penalize those users who do not have this technology in their web browser, the search engine also allows the date to be entered using the keyboard (with dd/mm/yyyyy format, e.g. 01/01/2011).

Furthermore, the pop-up calendar permits browsing by means of the keyboard, thereby eradicating dependence on a peripheral device, such as a mouse, in order to select a date. To browse around the calendar with the keyboard when open, press:

  • Ctrl arrows (←,↑,→,↓) to browse among days
  • PageDown for the next month, PageUp for the previous month
  • Ctrl Alt PageDown for the next year, Ctrl Alt PageUp for the previous year
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