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Reactiva Project

It is a project that offers the opportunity for us to be the ones to visit schools so as to make a positive contribution, by way of educational activities aimed at students in the first cycles of primary and secondary education, to the creation and encouragement of habits that promote the use of environment-friendly means of transport.

REACTIVA consists of two different courses of action:

With Metro You Reactivate the Planet

Metro reactiva el planeta Logo With Metro You Reactivate the Planet is a workshop oriented at Year 1 and 2 Primary Education pupils, aged between 6 and 8 years old, who form a suitable target for our aim: educate in the responsible use of public transport and, more specifically, of Metro de Madrid, when prejudgements have still not been formed.

It endows students with the basic know-how and skills for the proper use of the Metro, laying emphasis on its features, its operation, the solving of simple problems, and the observance of certain rules for the sake of successful community living.

The activity is carried on in two different spaces and on two different days: the classroom and at the Metro station closest to the school. With the assistance of audiovisual means, we organize interactive and motivating activities and games that propitiate observation and direct experience. The concepts learnt are then put into practice at the Metro station nearest to the school.

The Metro Challenge

Desafio de Metro Logo

The Metro Challenge is an activity geared to Year 1 and 2 Compulsory Secondary Education students. Its aim is to foment personal and social skills in the use of the Metro in a social segment that is just starting to enjoy a certain independence in terms of travelling. To this end, priority is placed on a practical and respectful approach to the Metro facilities, enhancing such basic aspects as safety and technological progress, which are the keystones of a top quality service.

These matters are addressed in teaching data sheets in which the know-how acquired at the school is linked to Metro de Madrid and such learning allows students to take part in a contest, based on multiple-choice questions and conducted with audiovisual backup, that sets out to capture the interest of that age group.



To request a visit, please contact the External Relations Office.
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E-mail: solvisitas@metromadrid.es 
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