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Public Transport Card Management Offices

Office of tpp in Nuevos Ministerios

The Regional Transport Consortium also places offices at the disposal of users where they may complete the formalities for acquiring the public transport card (TTP) and obtain general information in connection with it. 

The TTP is a contactless card that acts as a support for the transport passes issued by the Regional Transport Consortium for the whole public transport system of the Community of Madrid. At present, the new support is already available for all types of 30-day Transport Season Tickets (Young Person’s, Standard and Senior), in all fare zones and for interzone seasons. It is also available for the Blue Card, the Tourist Ticket and for Yearly Transport Season Tickets in all types of seasons (Young Person’s, Standard and Senior).

At the offices formalities may be completed for the following:

- Issue of the new user’s card (a prior appointment must be requested at telephone number 012 or via www.tarjetatransportepublico.es)
- Issue and loading of the yearly card for new users (a prior appointment must be requested at telephone number 012 or via www.tarjetatransportepublico.es).
- Issue of a card for replacement of the previous one due to printing errors.
- Issue of a card due to theft, loss or damage, and restoration of the load.
- Change of CAT (Category): add large family or disability discounts.
- Exchange/Sale for those users wishing to change the fare area of their card load, providing that the zone is of the same or a higher amount.  

To consult the Public Transport Card Management Offices operational in the Community of Madrid, as well as their location and times when open to the public, you may either call telephones 902 444 403 - 917 796 399, or else at the following link Oficinas gestión TTP

For further information regarding conditions, forms and documents needed, as well as time limits for obtaining it, you may file an enquiry at www.crtm.es and at www.tarjetatransportepublico.es

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