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CIAC (Centro Interactivo de Atención al Cliente, Interactive Customer Support Centre)

CIAC hall, Alto del Arenal station

Telephone 902 444 403 / 917 796 399

Metro de Madrid offers users an Interactive Customer Support Centre, which will allow them to get in touch with us not only by way of the normal channels (telephone, e-mail). This centre offers its services from 7:00 AM a 11:00 PM., 365 days a year. 

In this way, Metro de Madrid provides all the information on its network:

General information on the Metro service
- Fares
- Accesses (location, service hours and accessibility)
- Passenger regulations
- Service operating hours and frequencies

Information on the Metro service
- Works and extensions
- Service incidents
- Property items lost in the network
- Events in the Metro system

Route between two points in the Community of Madrid
- Optimum route and estimated duration
- Alternatives in public transport
- Combination and connection with other means of transport (buses, railway, airport)

Information on Madrid
- Leisure and culture: hotels, restaurants, theatres, museums,...
- Official bodies and centres
- Access alternatives on public transport

If you need any kind of information or help, or else if you want to make a complaint or suggestion to us, you may get in touch with us by way of:


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