Comprehensive reform works on line 4

We are working to build a more modern, safer and more comfortable Metro.

How does this benefit you?

  • Enhanced safety.
  • Greater comfort and reliability.
  • Increased transport capacity.

What public transport alternatives exist? 

Additional services are provided on Lines 1, 2 and 6 of the underground and on EMT bus Lines 9, 21, 29 and 70. Look for your best option: 

How can I find the best alternative for my journey?

You can find your best option using our calculator of multimodal journeys.


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Photos of works underway

Image of an auxiliar train and its operators during the installation of the new rigid catenary
An operator manages the control pannel in one of the vehicles used in the modernization of L4
The rigid catenary means a safety advance with lower maintenance costs
The vault and the platforms of L4 in Avenida de América during a moment of work
An auxiliary vehicle used for laying the catenary between Argüelles and Pinar de Chamartín
Tunnel at Diego de León station. Installation of an APR signalling beacon, in order to identify position of trains at all times.
Tunnel at Diego de León station. Removal of old cables for the installation of new equipment.
Alfonso XII station. Demolition of walls and platforms for the installation of the new systems of water-proofing, facilities, electrical conduits and station furniture
Works machinery during ballast removal process.
Goya Tunnel. Replacement of ballast by a concrete track platform to improve soundproofing and reduce vibrations
Rubble being prepared for removal to outside.
Change of track in Goya station. Connecting tunnel between line 4 and line 2.