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  1. 12-02-2018

    Metro users will be able to generate notices on the cleanliness of stations thanks to a new functionality on its app

    This tool was presented at the COMMIT centre, the place from which events in the Metro facilities are handled. In the near future, users will also be able to submit events that they may detect inside trains

  2. 09-02-2018

    The Community is reinforcing the Metro service on account of the Carnival parade in the Puente de Vallecas and Retiro districts

    The special arrangements on Metro Line 1 will begin at 5 p.m. before the start of the parade and will continue on until demand returns to normal

  3. 05-02-2018

    Cifuentes attends the entry into service of Mirasierra-Paco de Lucía Cercanías station

    The Regional President attended the entry into service of the new Mirasierra-Paco de Lucía Cercanías station. Cercanías Madrid represents 13% of the journeys that are made every day in the region, with some 200 million passengers a year. The President considers it necessary to “offer immediate answers to the reasonable demands of Madrilenians” with regard to this service. She stressed that the Community of Madrid provides the Cercanías service with 86 million euro a year. “Besides stimulating the economy, a good transport system reduces imbalances, provides opportunities, and becomes the mainspring of a dynamic developed economy such as Madrid’s”, she contended. The users of this new station will be able to transfer to the Metro network via Line 9. The opening directly benefits over 50,000 residents in the Mirasierra, Montecarmelo and Arroyo Fresno districts and the more than 300,000 users of the Cercanías Madrid C3, C7 and C8 lines

  4. 05-02-2018

    Metro Madrid will be undertaking renovation works in the summer on the northern section of Line 12

    The budget for the operation amounts to 24 million euro. The track platform improvement works will affect the El Casar-Universidad Rey Juan Carlos section. In all, there are 14 stations, which will only be closed from the end of June to the beginning of September, the period with lowest passenger demand. During this period users will have a bus service at their disposal with the same route and stops as the section of the Underground affected. This is the fourth section to be improved during this term of office, given over to enhancing the quality of the service provided to users by Metro. To date, works have been undertaken on the tunnels of Lines 1, 5 and 8, with a budget of 121 million euro, and a further 146 million is going to be assigned to installing 80 lifts and another 60 million to renovating 23 stations

  5. 31-01-2018

    The Community of Madrid introduces a new automatic door-opening system that will improve the running time of Metro trains

    Gonzalo visits the Hortaleza depot, where Underground Lines 4 and ML1 are maintained. The shortening of times will also have an impact on their passenger-carrying capacity. This project will also become available in the course of 2018, first on Lines 1 and 6 and subsequently on Line 5.


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