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Sol Station is temporarily undergoing a change of image in consolidation of the new Metro marketing strategy

For the next three years this landmark station will be called Vodafone Sol thanks to an innovative advertising campaign. In September this sponsorship will extend to the whole of Line 2, which will also bear the name of this telephone operator. Metro de Madrid started off the change of station nameplates today, which will affect forecourts, corridors and platforms

Sol metro station, one of the most emblematic stations in the network, is changing its name temporarily and as of tomorrow and for the next three years it will start to be called “Vodafone Sol” Station, thanks to an innovative advertising campaign forming part of the new Metro marketing strategy aimed at increasing the revenues of the Underground system. This is the first step in the agreement signed last April by the President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio González, and the Chairman of Vodafone, Francisco Román, which also establishes the change of name for Line 2 of the network, which will go on to be called, as of 1 September next, “Línea 2 VODAFONE” or VODAFONE Line 2..

Today the Secretary of the Presidency and Justice and Spokesman of the Regional Government, Salvador Victoria, accompanied by the Under-Secretary of Transport, Borja Carabante, put up the first poster of the new image of the station, which as of tomorrow, 1 June, will go on to be called “Estación VODAFONE Sol” or VODAFONE Sol Station..

“The change of image of this landmark station,” explained Victoria, “involves changing the name of a good number of items in the stations, such as entrances, directories of the different forecourts and corridors throughout the station, including those of the platforms, on the teleindicators. The change will also affect many other items, such as the official Underground system map, the website and in the mobile phone application developed by Metro, especially when Line 2 changes its name as from 1 September next”.

Showroom for innovation

The Community of Madrid is committed to commercial and advertising innovation in the whole public transport network through acting as a showroom, which receives some 1,500 million visits by users every year, and such spaces as the transport interchanges through which a million Madrilenians pass every day. For the Regional Spokesman “initiatives like these comprise the dual advantage of contributing to the financing of public transport, while at the same time offering new options to transport users for making best use of the time that they spend on their everyday journeys”.

The Vodafone campaign in Metro de Madrid will be on view to the over 65,000 daily users of Sol Station, as well as to the more than 122,000 passengers who travel on Line 2 every day, the over 30,000 daily visitors to the Metro website, and the recipients of the millions of metro maps that are distributed in the system.

With advertising campaigns of this kind Metro has become one of the major commercial showrooms in the region through accommodating a wide variety of events held by private companies seeking to obtain maximum visibility by way of its facilities and which represented earnings for the Company of more than 10 million euro last year.


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