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El perfil de Metro en Twitter crece un 300% en el último año y consigue 34.000 seguidores

Today Carabante visited the Metro Interactive User Service Centre, from which the Company’s social profiles are coordinated. Metro obtains almost 2,000 new followers a month and a daily average of 250 mentions or enquiries in Twitter. Three years have passed since the creation of the official Metro page in Facebook and two years since its first appearance in Twitter

The Metro profile in Twitter is two years old today with over 34,000 followers and lies amongst the leaders in Europe, behind the London Underground only. Its excellent reception amongst users and its efficiency when it comes to offering information have caused this profile to grow by 300%, at an average rate of almost 2,000 followers a month, with a daily average of 250 mentions or enquiries received. Metro de Madrid kicked off its presence in the social networks on 24 November 2010 with the establishment of its official page in (www.facebook.com/metrodemadrid), while the official profile in Twitter (@metro_madrid) was created a year later.

On the occasion of this anniversary of the presence of Metro de Madrid in the social networks, the Regional Undersecretary of Transport, Infrastructure and Housing, Borja Carabante, visited today the Metro Interactive User Service Centre, from where part of the Twitter profile is managed. There Carabante underlined the importance of the social networks as direct channels of communication so as to be closer to the public and be more familiarized with their concerns.

The Regional Undersecretary also congratulated Metro de Madrid for having successfully achieved a Klout index of 66. The Klout index is a universally accepted reference for measuring the influence of a profile in the main social networks, on a scale from 0 to 100. It takes into account the volume of responses, the number of followers, the number of mentions made to the profile, the number of times that users share the profile publications and the number of lists created by other users in which it appears.

“Since the time when Metro first created this profile (twitter.com/metro_madrid), Twitter has become a potent channel of interactive communication for the Company, the essential function of which is to be able to offer users information in real time on the state of train running and of the facilities on all the lines of the subway and to provide an answer to all enquiries”, explained Carabante.

The Twitter channel, which is operational from 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday to Sunday, represents a new tool so that users may plan their journey in advance. In addition, all those queries that users may have, whether about routes, state of the network, events and activities taking place in the metro, are answered in the shortest time possible.

Facebook attains 14,800 followers

As regards Facebook, Metro currently has 14,800 followers. In the last quarter, an average of 3,820 users a day have seen the Metro contents in this social network, with a daily average of 52 I like’s, 18 comments and 14 shared contents. The publications that have recorded a larger number of I like’s and been shared more often were those relating to civic messages and cooperation campaigns.

Although they operate very differently, both Facebook and Twitter jointly meet the same objectives, namely to offer a public service with useful, practical and real information, while at the same time listening to and answering the needs and preferences of users.


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