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Dogs will be able to travel on Metro Madrid as of tomorrow, Wednesday 6 July

Only one dog, fitted with a lead and muzzle, will be allowed per passenger, and it will have to travel in the rear car of each train. Pets may have access at all times except in the morning and afternoon rush hours. There will be no restrictions on access to the Metro with bicycles in various time bands and they may be folded up on the platform

Today the Community of Madrid Governing Council approved the access of dogs to the Metro Madrid network, subsequent to modification of the Rules and Regulations for Users, which will permit dog owners and their pets to travel together on this public transport network as from tomorrow, Wednesday 6 July.

In this way, the requests by Metro users who are dog owners are duly met and the Madrid Underground comes into line with other European metro companies where the access of pets is permitted, as is the case of Brussels, London, Lisbon or Berlin.

Hitherto small domestic animals travelling in special containers or ones adapted for carrying pets that would not represent a risk or be a nuisance to other users due to their type, size, noise or smell could have access to the metro.

Likewise, access had been permitted for dogs for personal assistance purposes, such as guide dogs accompanying the blind or people with impaired vision, guide dogs undergoing training accompanied by their trainers, and dogs trained to provide special personal assistance. In all these cases, the dog has to wear a jacket or other marker indicating its special assistant status.


Modification of the Rules and Regulations permits the access to the Madrid metro network of those dogs that are properly identified by the use of a microchip. Access accompanied by a dog will entail no extra charge for the user.

Taking a dog into the metro involves meeting various requirements: only one dog per passenger is permitted; all dogs have to wear a muzzle and be secured with a lead of not more than 50 centimetres in length, and for their journey they should always occupy the rear car of each train.

These requirements will have to be met right from the actual access to the metro station until the animal’s subsequent exit to the street. In the course of their journey they may make use of the lifts and stairs, but travelling on the escalators is not permitted for safety reasons.

In addition, the person responsible for the dog will be its accompanier, while the owner of the dog shall have subsidiary liability; every effort should be made not to obstruct the transit of other users at doors and in lifts, and access to those may be restricted on account of crowding situations, both for the safety of these and of the animals themselves.

As regards restrictions in time bands, their access is authorized in the so-termed “trough hours”, so that dogs may not enter the network from Monday to Friday in the hours of greatest transit, i.e. during the morning and afternoon/evening rush hour periods, namely from 7.30-9.30 a.m. and from 2-6 p.m. and from 6-8 p.m. During the months of July and August, all weekends throughout the year and on public holidays, access will not be subject to any time restriction whatsoever.


Modification of the Rules and Regulations for Underground Railway Users also extends access of the bicycle in the whole Metro network. The changes introduced include the possibility of users taking their bicycle with them without any time restriction whatsoever in the following sections:

L1: Sierra de Guadalupe – Valdecarros; L3: Ciudad de los Ángeles – Villaverde Alto; L5: El Capricho - Alameda de Osuna; L7: Barrio del Puerto - Hospital del Henares; L8: Campo de las Naciones - Aeropuerto T4; L9: Valdebernardo - Arganda del Rey; L10: Ronda de la Comunicación – Hospital; Infanta Sofía and Joaquín Vilumbrales - Puerta del Sur. On L12 access will be permitted on the whole line. In the Light Metro West ML3 network: Monte Príncipe - Puerta de Boadilla

In all other sections of the network, the times when travelling with a bicycle is permitted will be as follows: from Monday to Friday access will be permitted throughout all service hours, except the morning and afternoon/evening rush hours, i.e. 7.30 – 9.30 a.m. and 2 – 4 p.m. and 6 – 8 p.m.

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays access will be possible throughout all service hours. Likewise, bicycles may be taken unfolded right to the station platform. Hitherto this was not possible. Thanks to the modification of the Rules and Regulations, the user will not have to fold up his or her bicycle after passing through the Metro turnstiles.
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