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Sol Station and Line 2 of Metro Madrid recover their original name

Sol Station and Metro Madrid Line 2 recover their original names as of today

Sol Station and Metro Madrid Line 2 recover their original names as of today, upon the termination of the Vodafone brand sponsorship, which has been linked to one of the most emblematic stations in the Underground network for the last three years.

Now that the sponsorship has concluded, removal of the signage and all the communication elements which were installed in 2013 gets under way, a process that started in the early hours of this morning and will continue until late July. Vodafone will be responsible for all the costs involved in this process, as was stipulated in the agreement that was made at the time.

The first step is the replacement of all the Sol Station signage elements, which will be completely terminated by the coming 3 June. A start will also be made on the replacement of all the signs at other stations, a process that will last until 10 June next.

Then the other signs installed in the trains running on all Metro lines will be replaced. This course of action will be completed before the end of the first fortnight in June. Lastly, the original name will be restored in public address announcements on all lines, which will be terminated by the end of the month of July.

In this way, as from today, the return of the name “Sol” will become clearly visible to the over 20.1 million users who pass through Sol Station in the course of the year, as occurred in 2015. Sol is a station that is transited by over 60,000 users a day, on one line, line 2, which received a daily average of nearly 120,000 passengers during 2015.


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