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The Community sets into operation the “Multi”, the new contactless, non-personal public transport card

The new card is reloadable, multi-personal, and valid for 10 years. It permits the loading of Metro and Light Metro (Metro Ligero) single tickets, Metrobus 10-journey tickets and 10-journey tickets of the other urban and interurban bus operators. Elimination of the traditional magnetic ticket will provide a saving of up to 27 tons of paper a year. The new card already facilitates the application of the respective discounts for large families and persons with disabilities in the purchase of both single and ten-journey tickets.

Tomorrow marks the setting into operation of the “Multi”, the new contactless, non-personal public transport card, by the Community of Madrid, by way of the Transport Consortium. It is a case of the latest technological carrier in the area of transport passes that will gradually replace the current magnetic band paper tickets. This card permits the loading of non-personal Transport Consortium fare system transport tickets. Its issue will be free of charge until 14 October next, subject to prior application via website www.tarjetamulti.crtm.es.

This morning the Secretary of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure of the Community of Madrid, Pedro Rollán, visited Alonso Cano Station, on Line 7, where he presented the new transport card and carried out the simple ticket loading process.

Rollán emphasized that “just as soon as technological progress allowed us to set into operation this contactless non-personal card, we have done so for the purpose of providing the user with the most dynamic response possible, besides modernizing the public transport system in the Community of Madrid”.

“This measure will also enable us to make our small contribution from the environmental standpoint to the gradual withdrawal of up to 27 tons of paper a year though the elimination of the magnetic ticket”, he pointed out.

The “Multi” is a reloadable, multi-personal, contactless card with a validity of ten years. The new card will include the following tickets: single Metro network and Light Metro tickets (Metro Madrid, Madrid Light Metros, Madrid Rail Transport and West Light Metro), Metrobus 10-journey ticket and urban and interurban road operator 10-journey tickets.

At its initial stage of implementation, the Multi will have the capacity to contain at the same time a Metro and Light Metro single or 10-journey ticket and an urban and interurban bus 10-journey ticket. In addition, tourist tickets may already be loaded on the new carrier, in accordance with their conditions of use. Single urban and interurban bus tickets will continue to be purchased on board the vehicle when making the journey.

The card is available at Metro Madrid automatic machines and at Logista network sales outlets (tobacconists and other authorized points of sale) at the price of 2.50 euro. This price includes the costs of issue, management and marketing of the card plus VAT. It has a guarantee of two years as of the date of issue and is valid for ten years. The Multi has no reload limit during its period of validity. It may be reloaded at Metro dispensing machines, in the Logista network, and at Bankia ATMs.


In order to facilitate access to the new carrier and its rapid implementation, the Transport Consortium has made an application channel available with free remittance of the card to the home address of users, who may apply for it via website www.tarjetamulti.crtm.es. This promotion operation, for users in general, has an application period of 100 days (from 7 July to 14 October next). The Madrid Public Transport Consortium (CRTM) will distribute a maximum of two cards per home address in the Community of Madrid and one per person.

During the first few months it will be possible to go on purchasing and using the present magnetic tickets (Metro, Light Metro and Metrobus single and ten-journey tickets), so that all users may go on becoming familiar little by little with this new carrier simply and progressively.


Implementation of this new card now permits application of the respective discounts for large families and persons with disabilities in single and ten-journey tickets. These discounts, of 50% and 20%, respectively, have been applicable since 2009 for personal transport season tickets through being the only ones with a technology that allowed correct assignment of the discount in accordance with each user’s personal circumstances.

The development of contactless technology now enables both large families and persons with disabilities of 65% or more, who already had this discount recognized in personal transport season tickets, to be able to benefit from the respective fare reductions in single and ten-journey tickets.

Large family and users with disabilities who do not have this personalized card may apply for it now free of charge via website www.tarjetatransportepublico.es or at any of the 27 public transport card management offices (information and prior appointment at www.tarjetatransportepublico.com), during a 100-day period as from 26 June last to the coming 3 October.


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