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The Community of Madrid present at the “Chamberí Summer Race”

The sporting event will take place on Sunday, 9 July, with a course running round the centre of the city. The race joins the Milla de Chamberí (Chamberí Mile) race held on 11 June last. The initiative forms part of the cooperation agreement concluded between Metro and the Association Madrid por el Deporte

The Community of Madrid will take part next Sunday, 9 July, by way of Metro Madrid, in the “Chamberí Summer Race”, a sporting event with a course in the centre of the city, which will bring together both amateur and elite athletes.

This activity, organized by the Underground company, joins the Milla de Chamberí race held on 11 June last, with some five hundred runners participating. Both races form part of the cooperation agreement concluded recently between Metro Madrid and the Association Madrid por el Deporte, which establishes the commitment by both parties to organizing actions aimed at offering support to sportspeople in the Community of Madrid and fomenting top level Madrid sport.


The Association Madrid por el Deporte is composed of the Community of Madrid, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the CEIM -Madrid Employers’ Confederation- CEOE (Spanish Confederations of Employers’ Organizations). Besides promoting Madrid sport, its aim is to unite culture, education and community living by fomenting sporting values in the integrated development of the person and society.

This is not the first time that Metro Madrid has cooperated with the Foundation. On 10 July 2016, both entities organized the "Madrid Metro Night Race", a nocturnal race run over almost eight kilometres of track between the Feria de Madrid and Aeropuerto T4 Stations.

Through actions of this kind, Metro Madrid maintains its firm commitment to Madrid sport for the end purpose of contributing to personal development by fomenting a more just and egalitarian society, as envisaged in the agreement.

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