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The Community of Madrid announces 350 new vacancies for Metro sector supervisors

The entrance tests, which will take place on 10 September next, will bring together over 27,000 candidates. The new employees will be responsible for assuring greater attention to the user at Metro stations. These appointments join the recent engagement of 360 new train drivers and the imminent contracting of 200 maintenance technicians. By the end of 2019, the Company will have more than 900 new employees

By way of Metro Madrid, the Community of Madrid has already published the list of candidate enrolled to take part in the process of selection of 350 new sector supervisors that Metro Madrid will be engaging in the coming months. In all, over 27,000 candidates will be opting for the vacancies announced, 54% of them women and 46% men. The final selection test for the new employees will take place on 10 September next.

The Regional Employment Service selected 36,000 potential candidates to form part of this process and over 27,000 of these have been enrolled. The list of candidates may be referred to at the Metro website (www.metromadrid.es) and at the Company’s offices (C/ Cavanilles, 58). The possibility of making claims with regard to this list was available until 27 July last via the platform facilitated for the selection process (www.jefedesector-metromadrid.com).

After examination of the possible claims, the final list of candidates enrolled and accepted for the selection process was published yesterday, Friday, 28 July. Those appearing in this list will finally be the candidates who will be able to take the aptitude test on 10 September, where the 350 successful applicants will be chosen. All the requirements and conditions relating to this aptitude test will be published on the platform next Monday, 31 July.

The 350 new sector supervisors will reinforce user service at the 301 Metro stations, besides assuming responsibility for ensuring that the facilities are in proper working order and for dealing with any event that may arise. They will join the 1650 commercial supervisors already on the staff of Metro.

These new hirings also join the recent engagement of 360 new train drivers in the Company’s service and the future appointment of a further 200 maintenance officials, so that by the end of 2019 there will be over 900 new employees on the Metro staff to provide the essential public service offered to the public.

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