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The Community of Madrid will donate 100 portable computers to different social entities

The initiative forms part of the Metro Madrid social line. The first ten units will be assigned to a child protection centre run by Mundi Adopta in Ethiopia. In the coming weeks another six units adapted with recreational and educational contents will be handed over to the Juegaterapia Foundation. All the units have been formatted and set up voluntarily by Metro employees themselves

Through Metro Madrid, the Community of Madrid will be handing over 100 portable computers to different social institutions in the next few months. The aim of this initiative is the reconditioning and re-use of machines that have exceeded their useful life through being incompatible with currently approved systems and which have therefore been amortized by the Company.

Metro volunteers handed over today the first ten portable computers to the Mundi Adopta association, which will use them for teaching mathematics at an integrated child protection centre located at Bahir Dar, in the north-west of Ethiopia.

Mundi Adopta is an association which works on programmes of adoption of children who are in a situation of lack of protection and abandonment en Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Mali. Specifically, the computer units donated by Metro Madrid will form part of the Amhara Project, which sets out to improve the living conditions of children in a situation of lack of protection in the region by providing tools and training and educational tools to improve the life of women and children.

The next assignment of computer equipment will take place in the coming weeks. It is a case of six portables that Juegaterapia will place at the disposal of hospitalized children and youngsters for which they have been set by Metro volunteers with operating systems especially adapted to provide recreational and educational contents.

The actual Metro employees are the ones voluntarily responsible for formatting the units and preparing them up to be set up with the appropriate programs and games adapted for the different end users. Beforehand, the computers undergo an examination of their state of operation to assure that they are in proper condition. When these jobs have been carried out, they are made ready for their distribution amongst the institutions that have shown their interest in material of this kind.

At present, Metro Madrid has around 100 portables and another 488 computer units that have been amortized through exceeding their useful life and which the Company places at the disposal of the social institutions through being incompatible with the currently approved systems. They can contact the Corporate Responsibility Department via the email responsabilidad.corporativa@metromadrid.es for further information.

This initiative forms part of the Metro Madrid social line, a program of social action whose execution is one of the ten commitments assumed by Metro in its Corporate Responsibility policy. In the framework of this programme, Metro Madrid cooperates with other social entities by placing the Company’s key resources and capabilities at their disposal, taking advantage furthermore of its great potential as a channel of communication.

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