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This weekend the Community will be holding tests to cover 200 vacancies for service assistants at Metro Madrid

In this way, the Company will increase the staff assigned to the care and upkeep of the rolling stock and installations. These vacancies are in addition to the 350 for sector supervisors and 40 for qualified engineers, already announced by Metro. By the end of 2019 590 new employees will have joined the Company, as envisaged in the Pay and Conditions Agreement.

Next Sunday 18 June, through Metro Madrid, the Community of Madrid will hold aptitude tests to cover the 200 vacancies for service assistants offered by the Company. The examinations will take place from 12 noon at various faculties of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and they include a personality and skills test, as well as exercises relating to technical knowledge and mechanical and spatial reasoning.

With the creation of these 200 new vacancies, Metro will increase its staff given over to the care and upkeep of the rolling stock and the installations, thereby improving the quality of maintenance in the network.

The 200 vacancies for service assistants join the 350 for sector supervisors and the 40 for qualified engineers already announced by Metro Madrid. In all, it is a case of 590 new employees who will be joining the company staff before the end of 2019.

These hirings are also in addition to the recruitment during 2016 of 360 new Electric Traction Drivers, who are already discharging their duties in Metro Madrid, which has enabled train frequencies to be stepped up by 15%.


On 8 June last the complete timetable was published for the holding and correcting of the aptitude test to cover these 200 vacancies for service assistants offered by Metro Madrid. All candidates enrolled are also being informed individually of the place, day and time when the examination will take place by way of the candidate area of the Internet platform www.ayudantedeoficio-metrodemadrid.com.

On 6 July next the Examination Tribunal will publish the provisional list of successful candidates, differentiating between the two entry sittings (general entry and reserve sitting). On 25 July, at the end of the claims period, the Tribunal will publish the final list of successful candidates from both sittings.

The candidates to cover the vacancies for service assistant hold the vocational training certificate either of Assistant Technician, Technician, Senior Technician (or equivalent qualifications) in the specialized branches of electricity and electronics (determined in the job offer presented by the Company to the Public Employment Services of the Community of Madrid), or else of Railway Maintenance Engineer.

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