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Metro Madrid improves and modernizes its offer of rehearsal facilities

The Community of Madrid offers new renovated spaces adapted for musicians in the network. The premises at Usera and Cuzco Stations will close as of 21 March through having become obsolete. The old Áncora substation, in the Arganzuela district, will accommodate the new more spacious, modern and numerous rehearsal facilities. The Regional Government will allocate 1.17 million euro to facilitate the rehearsals of musicians and artists

In conjunction with the Community of Madrid Directorate General for Youth and Sport, Metro Madrid will place at the disposal of Madrilenians in its network new rehearsing facilities for musicians, which will become available early in 2018.

With the entry into force of the Regulations on Authorized Associate Uses of the Metro network, the rehearsal rooms at Usera and Cuzco Stations may no longer continue offering the same service as they had been doing hitherto, so their activity will cease on 21 March next.

Metro Madrid will shortly be putting out to tender the works for the rehabilitation and refurbishing of the former Áncora electricity substation, in the Palos de Moguer quarter of Arganzuela district, which is where the new premises will be located. The maximum amount of the tender will be 1,178,000 euro.

Until these new facilities, with a floor space of around 550 square metres, become available the Community of Madrid Directorate General for Youth and Sport will place temporary spaces at the disposal of Madrilenians so they may continue carrying on this activity as long as the works for the reconditioning of the former electrical substation last. In this way, the rehearsing activities will not be impaired or interrupted. At the beginning of the coming year, musicians will have a larger space and more rooms available.

The Community of Madrid will inform of the temporary locations and on the progress of this rehabilitation process by way of the website www.madrid.org/inforjoven.

The aim of these actions is to improve the facilities that the Community of Madrid and Metro Madrid place at the disposal of musicians and artists so that they may hold their rehearsals, providing in this way young creators in the region with better infrastructure so that they may carry on their cultural activities in optimum conditions.
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