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The Community of Madrid improves the outside signage indicating the entrances to stations on Metro Line 8

On account of the re-opening of the line on 12 April last. The new signs have been installed, in addition, in the vicinity of the entrances to a number of stations on Lines 5 and 11. The signage will be replaced gradually on the whole Metro network

The Community of Madrid has implemented a project for the renewal of the Metro outside signage indicating where the entrances to Line 8 are located. These new signs, installed after the re-opening of the above-mentioned line on 12 April last, represent an improvement in respect of the design of the previous ones.

One of the advantages offered is the inclusion of the precise name of the nearest station and indication of the line to which it belongs, besides information as to whether or not its facilities are equipped with an outside lift that assists access.

Besides Line 8, some Line 5 stations are also provided with new outside signage, specifically those of Alameda de Osuna, El Capricho, Canillejas, Torre Arias, Suanzes, La Latina, Carabanchel, Eugenia de Montijo, Aluche, Empalme, Campamento and Casa de Campo. Line 11 also has several stations with this signage: La Fortuna, La Peseta, Carabanchel Alto and San Francisco. In any case, the new signage will be implemented gradually in the whole Metro network.

With this initiative, the Community of Madrid sets out to improve the information offered to Metro users, so that they are informed in a way that helps them to make their journeys more swiftly and efficiently.

This change forms part of a course of action to bring station signage into line with the new user information standards, which include translation into English, indication in the directories of which stations are equipped with a lift, and the options provided for transfer to other means of transport, amongst other items of information.


Line 8 has recently been subjected to a series of improvements that obliged the Company to suspend the service over the entire route. The works began on 26 January last and the line came back into service again last 12 April, a week ahead of the scheduled date. The investment involved amounted to 20 million euro.

The line carries an average of 45,000 passengers a day, has a length of 16.5 kilometres distributed between eight stations that extend from Nuevos Ministerios, in the centre of Madrid, to Terminal T4 of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. It is the fastest line in the whole Metro network, where trains reach a speed of 105 kilometres an hour. In 2001 it became the first Metro line to be electrified at 1500 volts.
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