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The Chief Executive of Metro Madrid, Borja Carabante, now member of the Governing Body of the UITP

The appointment took place within the framework of the international summit meeting of the association. This appointment situates Metro on the international front line in the public transport area. Metro Madrid has played an active part in the UITP ever since 1950

Borja Carabante, the Chief Executive of Metro Madrid, was appointed member of the governing body of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP, from the French: Union Internationale des Transports Publics) at its General Meeting, held in Montreal on 14 May. This appointment took place within the framework of the International Summit that the Association held from 15-17 May.

This appointment situates Metro Madrid on the international front line in the public transport sector and represents yet another recognition of the leadership that it exercises as regards knowledge and application of new technologies, as well as in the field of advanced methods of organization, management and sustainability in the context of ‘SmartCities’ of the future.

The Governing Body of the UITP is the highest organizational entity and has sole responsibility for determining its position in the area of international transport policy. Composed of the most senior executives of transport companies and authorities, this body is essential when it comes to approving the UITP Integrated Global Work Plan and proposing the list of candidates for the presidency of the association.

The UITP is a non-profit international association with over 130 years of history, which Metro Madrid has belonged to since 1950. It is an international network of professionals in the sector that studies, advises and puts forward solutions for promoting public transport at the social, economic and technical levels of all its members.


Besides being a member of the UITP, Metro Madrid is present in other international associations in the railway sector, such as ALAMYS (Latin American Association of Metros and Subways). The Company’s contributions at meetings and events organized by this association, especially at Technical Committee Meetings and General Meetings, have always underlined the quality of the works carried out, enriching the discussion and exchange of experiences and boosting the Metro Madrid brand image worldwide.

Metro Madrid also belongs to the COMET (Community of Metros) international benchmarking group, which has the aim of disseminating the best practices and business indicators of the world’s leading metros, so that comparisons may be made with a view to detecting areas of improvement. The group is made up of the world’s principal metro networks: Madrid, London, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Berlin, New York, Paris, Moscow, Mexico, Shanghai and Santiago de Chile.
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