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The Community shows the renewed commitment of Metro users to the campaign “Estás a un metro de salvar muchas vidas”

It is the seventh edition of the blood donation campaign. The Red Cross, Coca Cola, the Blood Transfusion Centre and the Underground join forces in this public-spirited initiative. The campaign begins this Monday and will continue on until 1 December from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Donation buses will be parked outside 9 Metro network stations

The Community of Madrid shows its commitment to the solidarity of Metro users with the blood donation campaign “Estás a un metro de salvar muchas vidas” ["You’re just a metro away from saving many lives"], which is being conducted jointly by the Red Cross, Coca-Cola, the Community of Madrid Transfusion Centre and Metro Madrid for the seventh year running.

Last year almost 4,200 people came to the mobile donation centres, located outside a number of Underground stations, which achieved the best result of all the previous campaigns. The excellent response to this initiative shown year after year and the solidarity and commitment of the public make the running of this campaign feasible.

The aim is to achieve the largest possible number of blood donations, so necessary always at hospitals in the Community of Madrid. We should remember that blood is an irreplaceable tissue, which cannot be manufactured and has an expiry date. It is therefore extremely important to foment public spiritedness and increase the number of donors, as three lives may be saved with just one donation.

The buses where donations may be made are parked outside stations and on this occasion they are located close to Embajadores and Nuevos Ministerios Stations, from 6-10 November; Puerta del Sur, Legazpi and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, from 13-17 November; Ciudad Universitaria, from 20-24 November; and Getafe Central, Leganés Central and Ciudad Lineal, from 27 November-1 December (in this case donation hours will be from 5-9 p.m.).

Everybody who goes to donate will be given a free cinema ticket. To be a blood donor, the only requirements are to be over the age of 18, weigh more than 50 kilos and be in good health. Donors number 2000, 3000 and 4000 will receive a special gift item.

The nine Metro stations have been chosen at different points of the Community so as to reach a larger number of people, from different areas as well as close to universities, as university students have shown themselves to be the most public-spirited of all on previous occasions.
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