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The Community of Madrid checks out the Metro self-protection systems with a fire drill on a train

The foremost aim of Metro is to be prepared in the event of any emergency. The Metro Self-Protection Plan includes carrying out 18 fire drills a year at different facilities. Rosalía Gonzalo attends the drill conducted at Estadio Metropolitano Station

Today the Regional Secretary of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure, Rosalía Gonzalo, attended the mock fire exercise scheduled by Metro Madrid at Estadio Metropolitano Station within the Metro Self-Protection Plan. Specifically, this full-scale mock exercise – i.e. which reproduces the same conditions that could arise in a real incident – was carried out in a train running through a tunnel of this Line 7 station, located close to the new Atlético de Madrid ground.

Within the framework of the new Self-Protection Plan at least one emergency drill is going to be carried out per facility, which means at least one in the network and others at different locations (depots, Central Command Post and other points from which different network facilities are monitored), which will total a minimum of 18 drills a year.

The Regional Secretary emphasized that with these mock exercises “the intention is to meet various objectives, including amongst these that the Metro should be ready to meet any emergency and have the action procedures clearly defined, besides checking that the underground is equipped with all the suitable technical means to deal with situations of this kind and that it is perfectly coordinated with the external assistance services, such as the Fire Brigade, National Police, Municipal Police, SAMUR (Municipal Emergency and Rescue Assistance Service), SUMMA (Madrid Medical Emergency Service) and Madrid 112”

On this occasion Estadio Metropolitano was chosen on account of the special importance that this station and Line 7 have taken on in view of the opening of the new Atlético de Madrid football ground and the large number of users involved. In fact, on match days the Metro may carry as many as 40,000 supporters to the stadium.

To assure the realism of the drill, this was carried out in the station tunnel, but on a track not in service. The fire started in a train, generating smoke, which caused the driver to stop and evacuate the passengers by one of the train emergency exits. They were also assisted by the station staff, after first alerting the Command Post, which activates the Self-Protection Plan and notifies the emergency services.

In this way, in these circumstances and with the 112 service notified of the incident, the Plan procedures are set in motion for the fire-extinguishing tasks, so that the firemen reach the site of the incident to fight the possible fire and the medical services set up a field hospital outside the station to attend to possible users affected by smoke.

This drill was carried out successfully thanks to the cooperation of staff, who took part in this initiative quite voluntarily, and to the participation and coordination of the Fire Service, SAMUR-Civil Defence, Municipal Police, National Police, SUMMA and Madrid 112.

Gonzalo stressed that “these simulated emergency situations are necessary to assure attention to the public in optimum safety and efficacy conditions, prevent an accident from acquiring greater dimensions and checking out current emergency procedures”.


In order to carry out this drill with the least possible inconvenience to passengers, Metro broadcast prior notice via such different channels as the station public address system and teleindicators. Notice of the drill was also given on trains on this line so as to save causing possible alarm amongst passengers.

With emergency drills like this, Metro tests its systems and its capability for coordination and working with the different agents making up these special services, whose teamwork is a decisive factor for dealing with possible risk situations successfully without users being affected.


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