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Down España recognizes the contribution of the Community of Madrid to arousing awareness regarding people with Down syndrome

Thanks to its cooperation in the dissemination of the “XTUMIRADA” campaign, Metro Madrid has been awarded the Trébol Prize for Solidarity. The underground has a programme for propitiating inclusion by way of public transport

The Executive Board of Down España, made up of 92 associations, has awarded the Trébol Prize for Solidarity to Metro Madrid on account of its active participation in the dissemination of the “ XTUMIRADA” social awareness campaign, aimed at destroying false myths and prejudices concerning this disability and at fomenting the social inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

The award recognizes the contribution of the Community of Madrid to arousing awareness regarding people with Down syndrome in Spain, which has enabled the campaign to have an unprecedented scope and projection amongst the group. This initiative has succeeded in making society aware of the need to bury stereotypes and false myths about this intellectual disability and in fomenting its inclusion in all fields.

The “Premio Trébol a la Solidaridad” (“Trébol Prize for Solidarity”), awarded to Metro and the rest of the public companies that took part in the campaign, is awarded to bodies, companies, institutions or private individuals who work on behalf of people with Down syndrome.

In previous years, this prize was awarded to such leading companies and institutions as Gmp Foundation, Ferrovial, MRW, Caja Madrid, Inocente Foundation, Caja Sur, Carrefour Foundation, ONCE Foundation, Vodafone España Foundation and Club Atlético de Madrid, as well as to the former President of the Extremadura Regional Government, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra; the former Vice-President of the Government, Mª Teresa Fernández de la Vega; the former President of the Government, José María Aznar; or to the Chairman of ONCE, Miguel Carballeda, amongst others. The awards will be handed over within the framework of the National Meeting of Families of Persons with Down Syndrome, which will take place on the coming 7 December at Chiclana de la Frontera, where some 600 people will gather from all over Spain.

The cooperation of Metro in the “XTUMIRADA” campaign originally took the form of disseminating the Down España initiative via the different channels and in the Metro network, taking advantage of its great potential as a channel of communication. The Metro Engine Shed was made over for housing a photographic exhibition in which 150 well-known faces, photographed by Cuco Cuervo, exchanged their look for one of a person with Down syndrome so as to promote a real change in the way society views this group.

This first experience resulted in the signing of a framework cooperation agreement between Metro Madrid and Down España with a view to reinforcing the self-sufficiency of persons with Down syndrome by way of a more inclusive model of public transport. Under this agreement Metro undertakes to cooperate on the self-sufficient life programmes developed by the federation at the various centres and associations in the Community of Madrid that help to reinforce the self-sufficiency of people with intellectual disabilities or the conduct of such programmes in the Metro network.


Initiatives of this kind also receive the backing of Metro through specific self-sufficiency programmes by way of transport and mobility undertaken by the different centres and associations belonging to the state Down syndrome federation. Both entities will also address the possibilities of improving and adapting the Metro map to Easy Reading so as to render this tool as accessible as possible and in this way make the Metro available to a larger number of people.

Furthermore, Metro undertakes to facilitate the know-how and tools available in order to transfer Metro service information to the different digital mobile applications in which Down España operates so as to facilitate knowledge and good use of the Metro network.

This new line launched by Metro Madrid – included in its new CR policy – meets one of the commitments acquired by the Regional Government in the Metro Madrid Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2016-2020, which introduced the concept of “inclusion” into its name for the first time. Endowed with over 145 million euro, it recognizes the responsibility and major role of Metro in the progress of society by actively cooperating in the inclusion, equality and exercise of the rights of all citizens.

Beside improvement and extension of the accessibility measures with which the network is already endowed, it includes the commitment to adapt signage so that it may become accessible to all and to the training of all staff attending directly to users with a view to improving assistance to passengers with disabilities.
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