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Metro Madrid and Cruz Roja (Red Cross) encourage passengers to get first-aid training

On the occasion of First-Aid Day, under the slogan “libera al héroe que llevas dentro” (“Release the hero inside you”), workshops will be conducted, including practical cases regarding resuscitation manoeuvres. Red Cross volunteers will be informing passengers today at Nuevos Ministerios Station until 8 p.m.

Metro Madrid and Red Cross are encouraging Underground users to get trained in first aid so as to be able to deal with emergency situations. For this purpose, they have started up the campaign “ Release the hero inside you”, which includes practical workshops at which Red Cross volunteers teach passengers how to perform basic resuscitation manoeuvres.

This was effectively seen today by the Metro Madrid Chief Executive, Borja Carabante, who visited Nuevos Ministerios Station, where users will be able to take part, until 8 p.m., in the first-aid workshops organized in the Metro on the occasion of the celebration of World First-Aid Day; workshops at which, under the guidance of Red Cross volunteers, it will be possible to learn essential techniques, from cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to how to handle an injured or sick person correctly.

Carabante stressed that “risks may arise in the most everyday situations. It is necessary to react correctly and to have the knowledge of first aid that can assure a successful outcome in case of an unexpected event”.

“At Red Cross they are experts in teaching how to achieve this, passing on what their volunteers do every day when attending to and caring for millions of people”, proclaimed Carabante, who thanked them for their efforts in disseminating this knowledge throughout society.

This campaign, which forms part of the framework cooperation agreement concluded between both entities last May, also envisages a sensitization and awareness campaign both on the Metro network advertising carriers and screens of Canal Metro Madrid and in the social networks, taking advantage of the Metro potential as a communication channel thanks to the extent of its network, through which over two million people pass every day.

Over the coming days, in its social network profiles Metro Madrid will be publishing different awareness-arousing messages regarding the need to acquire knowledge in relation to first aid.
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