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The Community of Madrid will be installing 6 lifts at Príncipe de Vergara Station

The operation forms part of the Metro Madrid Accessibility Plan 2016-2020. The works will entail an investment of €11,769,000 and will make the station 100% accessible

The Community of Madrid has given the green light to works for the installation of six new lifts at Príncipe de Vergara Station (Lines 2 and 9), where modernization works will also be carried out. The Governing Council was informed today of the proposed award of these works, involving an outlay of 11,769,816.12 million euro and a completion time of 24 months.

The commissioning of six lifts will enable users of the Madrid underground to have direct access to platforms from the street, which will make Príncipe de Vergara a 100% accessible station. In addition, the modernization works will involve an updating of the station, which will take on a more modern appearance thanks to the renovation of the wall claddings, the facilities and their technology.

To these works we have to add those already under way for the installation of two lifts at Príncipe Pío Station, besides another three at Barrio de la Concepción Station. We should remember that the installation of lifts forms part of a more extensive project, the Metro Accessibility Plan 2016-2020, which is endowed with a total investment of 145.7 million euro and was agreed upon with the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI).

The Plan, which will be implemented until 2020, will enable Metro to go from 63% of accessible stations to 73% and will entail the installation of more than 80 lifts at 32 stations. This project is co-financed by the Community of Madrid and the European Union by way of the European Regional Development Fund 2014‐2020 and the actions being carried out will lead to improved mobility of the 322,000 persons living in the Community of Madrid with a variety of functional disabilities.

The new lifts are being installed both at stations providing transfer to at least two other Metro lines, as is the case of Príncipe Pío, and at others requested by associations or bodies caring for persons with disabilities, as is the case of Barrio de la Concepción.
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