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The Community of Madrid invests 1,107,952 euro to improve the roofs of the Metro network depots

These actions will encompass roof waterproofing, skylights repair and fixed service stairways installation. The works will be carried out in the Cuatro Vientos, Loranca, Valdecarros and Villaverde depots

The Community of Madrid will invest 1,107,952 euro to carry out the works for the improving and upgrading of the roofs at the Metro network depots of Cuatro Vientos, Loranca, Valdecarros and Villaverde. This action is taken with a view to repair some of the deficiencies detected by Metro staff and improve the overall condition of these Underground facilities.

The constant inspection of the different Metro facilities has allowed the detection of leaks in the Loranca depot roof, which affect offices, toilets and corridors in the main building. It was also deemed necessary to take action in the ventilation systems of the aforementioned depot as well as in that of Valdecarros; and in the improvement of the safety and protection features of the workers carrying out the inspection and maintenance of the roofs at the aforesaid depots and at those of Cuatro Vientos and Villaverde.

Once these needs were confirmed, the company Metro Madrid submitted the pertinent reports to the Directorate General for Roads and Infrastructure of the Department of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure, which is the body competent for carrying out the repair and improvement works at these facilities.

This investment will permit carrying out the Loranca depot roof waterproofing works and the repair of the interior features affected by the roof leaks. Besides, the following actions will also be taken on the occasion of these works: installation of anchor lines in the roofs, installation of fixed service stairways, skylights upkeep and repair works at the four depots included in this agreement.
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