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Nearly 200 children and youngsters at Community of Madrid care centres and NGOs get presents from ‘El árbol de los deseos’ (‘The Tree of Wishes’)

The presents were donated by Metro employees, the Regional Transport Consortium and the Department of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure. This initiative has been carried out this year for the second time, reaching more work centres, 10 in total. Knowing the age and the wishes of the minors beforehand allowed the gifts to be adapted to their recipients. This solidarity action forms part of the Metro Madrid Social Line

Nearly 200 children and youngsters at Community of Madrid care centres and NGOs got presents this Christmas from Metro workers, the Regional Transport Consortium and the Community of Madrid Department of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure, thanks to the initiative ‘El árbol de los deseos’, which enabled the installation of Christmas trees at different work centres.

This morning, the Regional Secretary of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure, Rosalía Gonzalo, personally handed to several of these children their presents at the children’s centre Hogar Menchu Herrero, where she underlined the importance of these solidarity actions “that cost very little to the employees and mean a lot to the youngsters and children in a situation where they have no possibility of getting presents on these dates”.

‘El árbol de los deseos’ is a solidarity action carried by Metro Madrid for the first time last year, going down so well that this year it was extended to other work centres, 10 in total. The aim, as the Regional Secretary explained, is “not to waste the chance to help more vulnerable youngsters and children in the Community of Madrid”.

The initiative consisted of the installation at these work centres of Christmas trees with cards hanging from their branches, on which the name, age and wishes of children and youngsters were written so that the employees could buy them a personalised gift in line with their tastes, since their age range is very wide from younger children to teenagers (from 1 to 17 year-olds).

Last year’s edition, in which only Metro Madrid employees participated, 65 children and youngsters got Christmas presents. In both editions, it was Metro Madrid volunteers who picked up the presents and handed them to the appropriate centre or NGO.


Children and youngsters received a great variety of presents. The most popular ones were those related to music and new technologies (over 40 wireless headphones and mp4); those connected to sport (more than 20 gifts were balls, sports bags, scooters, basketball hoops...) and board and team games (about 30). Younger children got many construction sets, baby and princess dolls, as well as costumes and traditional tales in English and in Spanish.

Presents were given to children and youngsters at two foster care apartments and the children´s homes Isabel Castilla and El Valle of the Directorate General for the Family and the Minor, a foster care apartment in Buitrago managed by Madrid Red Cross, children and young people from families with limited resources with which Fundación Candelita works, centres managed by Fundación Balia and families with limited resources with which Cooperación Internacional works.

This initiative forms part of the Metro Madrid Social Line, the social action programme by means of which Metro cooperates with social organisations and groups at risk of social exclusion, by placing key company resources at their disposal and taking advantage of the great potential Metro network has as a communication channel, linking it to the Company‛s strategy. So far this year, over 60 actions have been carried out in conjunction with a similar number of charitable institutions, within the framework of this programme.
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