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Metro receives IRIS certification, conferred by AENOR for the Hortaleza-Line 4 Depot

This certification acknowledges the quality and reliability of the underground in the management of rolling stock projects. Based on the ISO 9001 standard, it lays down specific requirements for the railway sector. Metro Madrid has already received various quality, environment, industrial risk prevention and public transport management certifications.

Metro Madrid has received the IR Quality Management System certification under the UNIFE (Railway Manufacturers Union) IRIS Standard, conferred by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR). Based on the ISO 9001 standard, IRIS lays down specific requirements aimed solely at the railway sector. In this case, the certification is awarded to Metro Madrid for complying with the IRIS at the Hortaleza-Line 4 Depot.

The main aim of the standard on which this certification is based is to improve the quality of the supply chain, the prevention of defects, and their reduction by means of the implementation of an ongoing assessment system. The IRIS certificate is geared to organizations that design, manufacture or maintain railway products.

The Hortaleza-Line 4 Depot is responsible for short-cycle preventive and corrective maintenance, long-cycle preventive maintenance, wheel checking and profiling, as well as exterior and interior train cleaning. In fact, it is equipped with a washing tunnel. This certification clearly shows that Metro meets the specific requirements of the standard for the railway sector and reflects the improvement in quality (traceability of the Series 3000 rolling stock components) and greater reliability in the handling of rolling stock projects of this type.

Since 1999, Metro Madrid has obtained different ISO 9001 certificates and successfully passed the yearly external audits. In this way, in 2003, we received the certification of the service quality management system in accordance with the UNE-EN 13816 standard governing public passenger transport and became the first underground in Spain to obtain this certification. Besides this certification, Metro also has certifications of such systems as environment and industrial risk prevention management, which set the Madrid metro on a par of excellence with the top-level companies in terms of their management efficiency and efficacy.

All these certifications reflect the commitment of the Community of Madrid to the ongoing improvement of Metro. Furthermore, they offer the possibility of reaching customers, who now increasingly call for certified suppliers, besides extending the opportunities of increasing the Company’s earnings, improving in-house quality systems and inspiring our users with greater trust.
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