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The Community of Madrid launched 'Juntos sumamos' [Together We Are Stronger], Metro’s corporate volunteering programme focused on inclusion

The underground has become the first government-owned company to create a corporate volunteering programme relating to its business activity

The Community of Madrid launched 'Voluntarios, juntos sumamos' [Volunteers, Together We Are Stronger], the corporate volunteering programme promoted by Metro de Madrid in the framework of its community involvement plan, making the company the first government-owned enterprise with a volunteering programme associated with the business, as announced today by the company’s CEO, Borja Carabante, on the occasion of the Third Gathering of Metro Volunteers.

With this programme, "Metro seeks to encourage the participation of its close to 7,000 employees in a range of solidarity initiatives, prioritising those aimed at furthering inclusion through transport, but without overlooking those other initiatives that enable volunteers to contribute to the economic and social development of groups at risk of exclusion", Carabante explained, also emphasising that "all of these actions will be taken through cooperation with social entities specialised in each of the causes and the groups targeted".

Through this corporate volunteering programme, which was designed with input from the employees themselves, the company will promote, facilitate and coordinate participation by its workers in active service, retired and in early retirement, and their families, in the solidarity activities included in the company’s community involvement framework. The activities may be proposed by the company, by the employees themselves or by the social entities.

In the framework of the volunteering programme, Metro has developed a microsite to centralise and organise all of the volunteering options, which will be communicated to the employees in good time to encourage them to participate. This in-house microsite will be the virtual meeting point between the volunteers, the company and the social entities with which the volunteers will collaborate for implementing the initiatives. Moreover, Metro de Madrid will make the necessary technical resources available to this programme, together with accident and civil liability insurance to cover all of the activities.

This programme has arisen in response to the outcomes of the volunteer activities organised by the company which, since 2012, have been very well received, and is included in the Community of Madrid’s Volunteering Strategy 2017-2021, which encourages government-owned companies to develop programmes of this kind to further social participation.


The presentation of the programme has taken place in the framework of the Third Gathering of Metro Volunteers during which children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities from a number of social entities participated in a gymkhana in the Metro network, through which they have successfully met challenges associated with Metro’s day-to-day routines, such as the use of turnstiles, intercoms or vending machines, among other elements, for the purpose of increasing their autonomy in the use of the underground network. Metro employees and retirees, together with their families, also participated in this gymkhana.

The day-long event also included a number of discussion panels on community involvement and volunteering at Metro, in addition to a range of leisure activities of a markedly integrating nature. A total of more than 100 Metro employees participated in this Third Gathering of Metro Volunteers.


The corporate volunteering programme is set in the framework of Metro’s 'social line', a community involvement programme through which the company collaborates actively with a number of social entities and groups, making available to them key resources of the company. The programme was created in 2012 and, since that time, more than 400 activities have been organised in conjunction with more than 430 social entities.

In addition, more than 60 volunteering actions have been undertaken, signifying the contribution of around 3,200 hours of disinterested work by the Metro volunteers’ group, which now has close to 250 members.
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