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The Community of Madrid is improving the mobility of users at Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3 Metro Station through a number of measures

The station staff will have preloaded cards to speed up the flow of passengers. Two new fast ticket machines will be provided to join the existing 7 normal ones. Metro is increasing the station staff to deal with all user enquiries. In addition, it is planned that the ticket hall enlargement works should be started this year to increase its capacity

As from tomorrow the staff of Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3 Metro Station will have preloaded cards to provide supplementary assistance in case of there being increased user transit, a circumstance that arises when there are several flights at the same time. In these cases, to speed up passenger transit the commercial supervisors will offer direct sale of cards preloaded with single tickets plus the airport extra charge.

In addition, as from tomorrow there will be a further two fast ticket machines in addition to the existing ones at the station for the purpose of speeding up the purchase of single tickets plus airport extra charge. The fast-sale feature permits the purchase of the Multi public transport card, single tickets to the destination station, 10-journey tickets and the airport extra charge. These three fast-sale machines join the existing seven normal ones already in operation at the station.

Furthermore, the station staff, which hitherto consisted of five commercial supervisors working on morning and afternoon/evening shifts, will be reinforced with a further three officials in the morning and another three in the afternoon/evening on account of the large influx of users at specific times.

Another fundamental measure, which will help to increase the station capacity, will be the enlargement of the ticket hall. It will be carried out this year, with a budget of 514,100 euro. We should bear in mind that 2.5 million users pass through this station every year.

The works for enlargement of the ticket hall, which has a floor area of 350 square metres, will affect 257 square metres approximately, with a view to increasing the operating capability of this space. A new Public Transport Card (TTP) management office and five user attention windows will be included, besides five new ticket machines with updated software to speed up Multi card operations and facilitate the process for users.
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