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The Community of Madrid assigns 29 million euro to the integrated management of the Multi and Children’s Card

The service includes the sale and updating of the new card, which has replaced paper tickets, as well as the activation of free passes for children under 7 years of age. This agreement joins the one approved several weeks ago for management of the Public Transport Card (TTP). The agreement will have a term of four years, extendible for a further two years

The Government of the Community of Madrid has authorized the Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM) to commence the contracting of the marketing network which will provide the backup for users of the new Multi and Children’s Card, for an amount of 29,040,000 euro over a term of 4 years, with optional extension for a further maximum period of two years.

This decision joins the agreement made several weeks ago by the Governing Council for contracting the Community of Madrid Public Transport Card (TTP) management and user information service, which entails the integrated management of all the Consortium passes being marketed by way of contactless smart card technology.

The process of migration to this system in detriment to magnetic band technology started off in 2012 and, after going through various phases, culminated last July when the process of migration of non-personal passes (such as single and 10-journey tickets) to the new Multi card got under way. After a few months with both systems existing side by side, since 1 January last paper tickets are no longer in circulation.
The purpose of this new agreement is the implementation and operation of a network for the attended sale of this contactless technology, which amongst other services will include the sale, updating and loading of Multi cards or activation of the Children’s Card, with a pass that allows children under 7 years of age to travel free.
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