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Metro will reinforce the service on Line 7 by up to 125% for the Europa League Final

To assist the journeys of the thousands of supporters travelling to the Wanda Metropolitano ground to watch the retransmission of the game as well as the possible celebration at Neptuno after the match. The arrangements will be in operation from 6 p.m. The final between Atlético de Madrid and Olympique Marseille is being played this Wednesday in the French city of Lyon

The Community of Madrid will be stepping up the number of trains on Line 7 by up to 125% on account of the Europa League Final being played this Wednesday between Atlético de Madrid and Olympique Marseille in the French city of Lyon as from 8.45 p.m. and which Atlético fans will be able to watch on the big screen at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium. The special arrangements will come into operation before the start of the game, at 6 p.m., and will also involve the reinforcement of the service on Lines 5, 2 and 1 if required on account of the celebrations at Neptuno.

The Wanda Metropolitano has a capacity for 69,000 people. For this reason and in order to assure mobility, Metro will also be increasing the station and security staff at Estadio Metropolitano, where a large number of supporters are expected. The purpose of the special arrangements is to control and assist in the organization of the possible overcrowding in ticket halls and on platforms in the attempt to ensure that the flows of entering and departing passengers take place normally and that trains may pass through the station smoothly.

With a view to assisting users in their access and exit from the stadium, Metro advises purchase of the return ticket beforehand so as to save time and queuing at the ticket machines , as well as prior checking of tickets and fare zones in case it is necessary to acquire combined passes. This is the case of users getting to the stadium from Line 7B.

In addition, the Estadio Metropolitano entrance from Calle Estocolmo will be reserved for exit only, so it cannot be used for access to the Underground at the end of the game. This is a measure that Metro has taken to assist passenger transit at the station.
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