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  1. 24-05-2017

    The new Metro Madrid Passenger Rules and Regulations will improve communication with the user

    In 2016 the Community recorded a total of 584.84 million Underground passengers. Information will be given on train frequency as from when the time to the next arrival is 7 minutes and 30 seconds. The regulations specify the terms and conditions of validity of transport passes

  2. 21-05-2017

    The Community of Madrid announces 200 vacancies for Metro service assistants

    The aim is to improve infrastructure maintenance so as to offer better service to users. Candidates have until 31 May next to file their applications. The vacancies form part of the 590 new employees who will be joining Metro by the end of 2019.

  3. 18-05-2017

    The Chief Executive of Metro Madrid, Borja Carabante, now member of the Governing Body of the UITP

    The appointment took place within the framework of the international summit meeting of the association. This appointment situates Metro on the international front line in the public transport area. Metro Madrid has played an active part in the UITP ever since 1950

  4. 17-05-2017

    The Community will offer guided visits to the old forecourt of Pacífico Metro Station after its rehabilitation

    The new museum space, which preserves the original decoration by Antonio Palacios, will be open for visit once every three months. The period for reserving visits opens tomorrow, coinciding with International Museum Day. Opened in 1923, it has been closed to the public since 1966. It forms part of a new project for digital graphic recovery and recreation of the historic heritage of Metro.

  5. 12-05-2017

    The Community of Madrid improves the outside signage indicating the entrances to stations on Metro Line 8

    On account of the re-opening of the line on 12 April last. The new signs have been installed, in addition, in the vicinity of the entrances to a number of stations on Lines 5 and 11. The signage will be replaced gradually on the whole Metro network


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