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Our relations with other national and international organisations in the railway sector

Metro de Madrid is one of the greatest Underground systems in the world on account of our capability to provide a public service. The successive enlargements that have been carried out in its network have set this Company in the sights of many official bodies, administrations and enterprises all round the world. Its dynamic spirit and innovative vocation make it an acknowledged international leader in the building and commissioning of rail line extensions, besides the application of new technologies and advanced management methods.

Relations with other official bodies in the railway sphere are a reflection of the position of international leadership held by Metro de Madrid. Evidence of this is the participation by Metro de Madrid in the meetings of such international associations as the International Public Transport Union (UITP), where we occupy a prominent place at its Metro Assembly through taking part in its Committees and Sub-Committees.
Metro de Madrid is also an active member of the Latin American Association of Metros and Subways (ALAMYS) and held the office of Secretary General until 2012.

Metro de Madrid belongs to the international benchmarking group COMET (Community of Metros), which has the aim of disseminating knowledge of best practices and business indicators of the leading metros in the world. The Group is made up of the main metro systems in the world: Beijing, Berlin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, London, Mexico D.F., Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Taipei and Madrid.

Metro de Madrid also maintains an important presence in the official national bodies in the railway world.

It forms part of the Executive Commission of the Collective Urban Transport Association (ATUC) and plays a part on its working committees.
It is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Spanish Railways Foundation, where it holds the office of spokesman and forms part of the Rail Action Association (CETREN).

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