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Strategic and departmental objectives for 2017

In order to achieve its mission, Metro Madrid has both a medium and long-term strategy, which is structured into the following 3 Strategic Pillars:

objectives for 2016

♦ Public Service: a fundamental concept at Metro Madrid as a public transport company and the backbone of mobility in the region, which revolves around the ongoing improvement of the provision of the service to our users, with the recovery of demand as its focal point. 

♦ Efficiency: efficiency involves the public company’s obligation of offering a quality service at a reasonable cost, taking the economic variable into account. Efficiency pursues the Company’s necessary economic sustainability as well as sustainability in both environmental and, of course, social terms. 

♦ User Experience: besides guaranteeing the mobility of the citizens, Metro Madrid has to assure an excellent travelling experience, laying emphasis on the aim that the Metro image should go on improving amongst its users and society in general.

These three pillars form the basis for the seven strategic objectives that are put into practice through the Company’s strategy.

Accordingly, the objectives connected with “public service” are committed to go on enhancing the quality of the “service produced”, as the main lever for consolidating the increase in demand. On the other hand, those relating to “efficiency” address economic and financial equilibrium and set out to improve the efficiency of the key processes. Lastly, a series of strategic objectives are also included in support of the strategic pillar “user experience”, with a view to enhancing perception of the quality of the service provided, boosting the brand image, and improving accessibility for everyone.

Lastly, departmental objectives are also laid down. These develop the strategy and reflect the specific contribution of the different organizational ambits to the attainment of common objectives. The majority of these departmental objectives are of a transverse nature and are shared by different divisions.

Strategic objectives 2017
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