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MODsafe Project

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Metro de Madrid is one of the 22 companies participating in MODSafe, a European R&D project co-financed by the European Union through it’s 7th Framework Program.

The European Urban Guided Transport sector (Lightrails, Metros, but also Tramways and Regional Commuter trains) is still characterized by a highly diversified landscape of Safety Requirements, Safety Models, Responsibilities and Roles and Safety Approval, Acceptance and Certification Schemes.

Furthermore security items are considered more and more vital for the urban transport sector. In some cases these items are linked to the safety of the urban transport systems. In this context safety is seen as everything dealing with the methods and techniques to avoid accidents. Security is concerned with the protection of persons and the system from criminal acts.

The MODSafe project aimed at helping streamline and bringing some degree of voluntary standardisation within this sector by building a Safety Analysis and Model Reference for the future for Urban Guided Transport projects.

All the companies of the consortium have joined their forces to make common proposals and offer solutions in order to achieve a Europe-wide coordination and motivate operators to specify in the future their systems (e.g. by procurement of new rolling stock) along with the concept and methodology developed in the MODSafe project.

You can find more information on www.modsafe.eu

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