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Contact information.

Head Quarters

C/ Cavanilles, 58

28007 Madrid

Telephone 913 798 800

The Interactive Customer Support Centre (CIAC)

Avda. de la Albufera, 248

This centre provides information to customers using the most advanced means and the latest communications technology innovations: Internet, video conferencing, fixed line and mobile telephony, wap, chat, shared web browsing, fax etc.

Information Technology Centre (ITC.)

This centre, which is equipped with the most modern technology and safety systems, contains the IT systems, associated systems and the staff who manage and maintain them. All the systems located throughout Madrid are managed from here, guaranteeing that each and every system is operational.

Alto del Arenal Control Centre

These facilities are fruit of the design to integrate, at operational level, Metro de Madrid's operation control systems.

These modern facilities include:

- Train control centre

- Station control centre

- Energy control centre

- Civil Protection and Safety control centre

- Police, ambulance and emergency service (112) control point

Centre for Maintenance Operations and Monitoring of Installations and Communications (COMMIT, Centro de Operaciones de Mantenimiento y Monitorización de Instalaciones y Comunicaciones)

This control centre supervises all the installation systems, both those used for communications and those related to signalling, power supply or the electromechanical equipment distributed throughout the Madrid metro network, such as escalators, lifts, ticket machines and turnstiles, among others.
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