Data Protection

Processing Activities Log

The personal data gathered by Metro de Madrid will be processed in accordance with the new European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on Data Protection. The information with respect to the recipients of the data, the purpose and the security measures, as well as any additional information relating to the protection of personal data can be consulted in our Processing Activities Log, within the relevant log of the Department of Transport, Housing and Infrastructures.

Processing Activities Log


Supplementary Information on Data Processing (2nd Layer of Information)

The following documents include supplementary information on various aspects of the processing of personal data performed by Metro de Madrid.

Processing Activity Purpose
Occupational Health COVID survey for staff in the recruitment process
Occupational Health Remote temperature checks for access control
Compliance and Transparency Canal Compliance
Passenger Events Management of Passenger Events
Infringements Recharging Notifications
Infringements Reporting of Regulation Infringements
Customer Care Customer Care
Lost & Found Management of Lost & Found
Events with an economic impact Events with an economic impact
Video-surveillance Video-surveillance
Compliance and Transparency Transparency Portal
Compliance and Transparency ARCO Rights
Access control Security management and access control
Suppliers Management of Suppliers
Human Resource Management Event Management Employee Portal - Pictures
Infringements Management of Files on Irregularities
Metro Store Metro Store Management
Staff Selection Management of Training Agreements
Social Line CSR Management Campaigns
Potential customers Management of public tenders
Occupational health

Personal health and occupational risk prevention not legally

binding under employment law on Metro de Madrid

Board of Directors

Board Management

Traceability and Other Agreements

Traceability and Other Agreements


Mask use exemption
Personnel Selection Application Evaluation Selection Process

Labour Tools

Recording of Communications

Contract Personnel

Contract Personnel


Suppliers. EU Aid Management

Herramientas Laborales

Work Tools. Communication Channel for Ex-Employees

Seguro de Vehículos

Vehicle Insurance. Vehicle Insurance

Exercise of Rights in relation to Data Protection

If you wish, you may exercise the rights contained in current legislation to which you may be entitled with respect to data access, rectification, erasure, processing restrictions, opposition and portability, by sending a request by e-mail or by post to the addresses shown below, clearly indicating “Exercise of data protection rights”:

  • By post: Metro de Madrid avda. de Asturias,4 28029 id Madrid. Include a signed request and photocopy of your National Identity Document or an alternative identity document.
  • By e-mail: To the address of the Delegado de Protección de Datos (Data Protection Officer) of Metro de Madrid Include a request in PDF digitally signed by means of an authorised signature (FNMT or similar).

The request templates are available through the following links:

    • Right to access template

    • Right to restriction template

    • Right to opposition template

    • Right to opposition to automated decisions template

    • Right to portability template

    • Right to rectification template

    • Right to erasure template