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  1. 19-10-2016

    Tomorrow the Community is opening another 7 Metro Line 1 stations between Buenos Aires and Atocha Renfe

    The new re-opening puts almost 75% of the line back into service. Just 9 of the 33 stations on the line still remain closed due to the improvement works. One of the main axes of communication on Line 1, Pacífico Station, is re-opening, which permits transfer to Line 6, the one with the largest transit of users in the whole network. The SE2 (Atocha Renfe–Alto del Arenal) and SE3 (Conde de Casal–Alto del Arenal–Pavones) alternative bus services will be maintained until Friday, inclusive.

  2. 11-10-2016

    Metro is celebrating the first anniversary of the ‘Vente x 20’ Young Person’s Season Ticket with a contest in its new Instagram profile

    The Underground’s account starts up its activity today. Participants will have to share their most original photos taken either inside or outside Metro. Instagram is the fourth social network incorporating the Company, after Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

  3. 11-10-2016

    The new 20-euro Young Person’s Transport Season Ticket is now one year old and has 925,000 users

    The 20-euro flat rate has meant a saving of 100 million euro for thousands of Madrid families. During the first 12 months, young people between 7-26 years of age have made over 350.7 million journeys. The “Ventex20” initiative has carried on more than a 100 cultural activities with a view to fomenting the use of public transport


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