Metro with Madrid

Do not leave home unless absolutely necessary, particularly the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. At any event, if you need to use the underground these days, please remember:

We invite you to travel back in time

Would you like to drive a classic train dating back to 1919? Do you want to see what the Madrid underground stations were like at the start of last century?

Your alerts help us to be more efficient

A spilled water bottle, broken glass or a dirty train seat... sometimes there are cleaning incidents inside Metro cars or in ticket halls, corridors or platforms. The alerts you submit...

Uniforms also change

The Metro de Madrid work uniform has changed on many occasions throughout its 100-year history.

Celebrating World Tourism Day

Metro was born 100 years ago in Puerta del Sol, an emblem of Madrid, close to Plaza de la Villa and Plaza Mayor. Our history takes us to the most...

Metro de Madrid ‘Centenary Book’

A multimedia and interactive work, a graphical and visual reminder of a century of Metro de Madrid’s history and that of its people through texts, pictures, infographics, audios and videos...

The path towards digital transformation

Comparative photos of the different eras, over the course of its 100 years of history, bear witness to how this transformation of the underground system has never stopped.

A Metro full of art

Read the whole of Don Quijote, smile at the genius of Mingote or enjoy Guernica. All of this and much more is now at hand on the platforms of Metro...

Alexa, how is the Metro?

We offer you a new information channel in real time through Alexa skills, in addition to the Metro app and web page.

Historical treasures in Chamartín

You can’t miss it! Almost 33.000 people have already visited the exhibition of historical trains inaugurated by King Felipe VI on 17 October to kick off Metro de Madrid’s Centenary...

Metro for everyone

The fastest, most economical, most ecological and, most sustainable means of transport. Travelling by Metro has many advantages for you and for everyone. Get to know them.