Two new lions guard Gran Vía station

These figures crown the iconic Antonio Palacios pavilion which is being reconstructed as part of the extension and modernisation project for the station.

Metro with Madrid

Do not leave home unless absolutely necessary, particularly the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. At any event, if you need to use the underground these days, please remember:

Metro moves against racism

The #muevete campaign kicks off, with which the Madrid underground aims to raise awareness on different social causes throughout the year. The campaign kicks off with February dedicated to the...

Discover the hidden technology at Gran Vía station

New passenger information systems, differentiated lighting according to the functionality and a traction centre that guarantees the functioning of the installations, among the commitments of the reformed station.

Your alerts help us to be more efficient

A spilled water bottle, broken glass or a dirty train seat... sometimes there are cleaning incidents inside Metro cars or in ticket halls, corridors or platforms. The alerts you submit...

10 years of Green Routes

The Regional Government of Madrid celebrates this by including five new routes, which now span a total of 707 kilometres

Metro de Madrid’s great set

“Cuéntame como pasó”, “Valeria”, “30 monedas”, “Por H o por B” and “El pueblo” are just some of the shows that have been set in the corridors, platforms and trains...

The 10 most beautiful Metro stations

You’ll find everything among the 302 stations in the Metro de Madrid network: stations that are classic, modern, huge, small... All of them have something special but some particularly stand...