Metroteca is a Metro de Madrid initiative to promote reading. Its philosophy is the exchange of books on any genre between Metro passengers.

This little reader's corner is starting up with more than 1,000 books donated by Bibliometro and Tuuulibrería, with the aim of having at least one metro library on each Metro line.

Let us all try to bring this initiative to life. If you see a book you like in the Metroteca, just take it with you and, if possible, leave a book you have already read and would like to share with others.


Current locations

This book lending service will now be operational on the stations of Miguel Hernández (L1), Suanzes (L5), Pavones (L9), Ibiza (L9), Tetuán (L1), Delicias (L3), Prosperidad (L4), Príncipe de Vergara (L2 and L9), Laguna (L6) La Peseta (L11), Lacoma (L7), Barajas (L8), Fuencarral (L10), and Getafe and Móstoles Central (L12).


Rules of use


  • When you take a book, try to leave another one behind to keep the Metrotecas alive.
  • What kind of books can you donate?

     - Books should belong to readable genres such as novels, biographies, self-help, travel literature,             travel guides, etc.

     - Children's books will also be accepted.

     - They shall be in good condition.

     - Technical books, educational textbooks, etc. will not be accepted.

  • When you take a book, take care of it as if it were your own.
  • Do not take more than one book at a time.
  • In case of loss or damage, please replace it with another book.