35 heroes representing the thousands of employees who care for Metro

Víctor, María Pilar, Emilio, Tamara, Paloma, Carlos... and so on up to 35. All of them heroes of the underground, the great city that runs underground: Metro employees, security guards and National Police officers recognised, for yet another year, as "heroes" after carrying out solidarity and exemplary actions

Instead of a cape, the blue Metro uniform. And instead of superpowers, professionalism, kindness and solidarity in equal measure. These are the tools of the 19 Metro de Madrid employees recognised in 2023 for providing exemplary and extraordinary help to passengers in need. From medical emergencies, such as performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a person suffering a heart attack or attending to a birth in the Metro network itself; to gestures of pure generosity, such as the recovery and delivery to its owner of a handbag containing more than €6,000. These 19 employees represent the company's more than 7,000 employees who ensure the Metro service to its 2.2 million daily users.

Along with them, the work of 14 security guards and two national police officers was also recognised. Ensuring the safety and well-being of users on the Metro network is a team effort. In addition to train drivers and sales supervisors, staff from other companies and sectors, from security guards to cleaners and security forces personnel, also collaborate in the comprehensive daily operation of the Metro.

Proof of this is that in the ten editions of these awards, which have been held since 2014, a total of 208 people from different groups have been recognised as examples of the commitment, humanity and professionalism of all those who work at the underground.

Thank you all very much and cheers to them! 🥂