Vestíbulo de una estación con el símbolo de accesibilidad en primer plano

A Metro for all, also on the website

Have you ever wondered why all the photos we post on social media have these three mysterious letters in the bottom left corner: ALT?
It could be an acronym for "Amo Los Transportes” (I Love Transport, in Spanish), but they are actually the beginning of the word ALTERNATIVE, and our photos include them because they have what is known as "alternative text"

13/06/2022 - This alternative text or ALT text describes all the elements of the images that illustrate our social media content and we include it so that visually impaired people can access them just like other users can.

Imagen publicada con las letras ALT en la parte inferior izquierda

Imagen con el desplegable con su descripción abierto

For Metro, accessibility is essential, also in its digital content. That is why our website has a tool that guarantees accessible browsing and that, if you are a user, you have probably already seen.

Desplegable de la herramienta responsive en la web de Metro

It also has a "responsive" or adaptable design so that it is visible and accessible on all devices, and the Accessibility section occupies a prominent place among its contents.

Detalle de la página web de Metro con un acceso a la sección de Accesibilidad en la parte superior derecha

Two versions of the metro map, one of the most consulted contents of this website, are available here. Specifically, one version with the metro lines in mp3 format and another with them in text format.

Detalle de la web de Metro con las líneas en formato mp3

Detalle de la web de Metro con las líneas en formato texto

On the other hand, we also offer an easy-to-read Metro user guide on our website, in which we explain how to navigate the network in simple terms. It is adapted for people with intellectual disabilities or comprehension difficulties, but it is useful for any user.

Portada de la guía de uso de metro en lectura fácil

We want our Metro to be accessible to all, including its digital content. We are working towards this goal, step by step and click by click, and we will continue to do so as long as there are still barriers to break down.