Around the world from metro to metro

Long weekend, long days... who doesn't fancy a little getaway?
If you feel like travelling but you're staying in Madrid, take note: you can travel around the world from station to station on Metro. We have it all!
Are you in?


Let's start our trip nearby, to arouse your interest... How about a trip to Morocco?

On line 1, you can cross the strait of Gibraltar and reach Tetuán. The station was inaugurated in 1929 with the name of the then neighbourhood of Tetuán de las Victorias.

Metro diamond at the entrance to Tetuán station.

Buenos Aires

Now we're at it, why not cross the Atlantic? We don't have to deviate much on our route, because the same Line 1 we are on takes us to Buenos Aires. The one in Vallecas of course.

This station, which dates back to the 1990s, is named after the avenue on which it is located.

Access to Buenos Aires Metro station

Santo Domingo y Cartagena

And while we're on this side of the world, let's go to the beach!

Santo Domingo awaits on Line 2. This station is named after to Santo Domingo de Guzmán, like the Dominican capital is also. And Cartagena on Line 7 can take us to the ancient Carthage Nova, in Murcia, or, if we want to continue on to the Americas, to Cartagena de Indias, both very attractive destinations.

Access to Santo Domingo Metro station

Metro diamond at the Cartagena station entrance with the white towers in the background.


Without leaving the Caribbean, we jump on Line 8 and take a trip to Colombia. Did you know that at this station you can see the airframe of an aeroplane?

It is located between the Plaza de la República Dominicana and Colombia Street, hence its name.

Airframe of an aircraft inside a Metro station


Let's continue our route and... go to Cuzco!

Line 10 takes you there, which until 1997 had another very cosmopolitan station, Lima, now Santiago Bernabéu.

Access to Cuzco Metro station


Let's change oceans and move to the Pacífico. This station on Lines 1 and 6 takes its name from the old Calle Pacífico, today Avda. Ciudad de Barcelona.

An interesting note: the original vestibule with which it opened its doors in 1923 has been preserved.

Pacific station concourse with its original appearance


It's time to go back to Europe, but let's continue travelling:

Since 2011, Line 2 has taken us to Alsacia station, located under the square of the same name, where you can see a spectacular mural by Luis Gordillo.

Access to Alsacia Metro station


And from France we go to Germany, this time on Line 10, to get to Baunatal. This city is twinned with San Sebastián de los Reyes, the municipality where the station is located.

Access to Baunatal Metro station

Abrantes, Parque Lisboa y Oporto

Finally, let's not forget our neighbouring Portugal: on Line 11 you have Abrantes, the name of a Portuguese municipality, and on Line 12, Parque Lisboa, in Alcorcón. Of course, we let's not forget Oporto, on line 5.

And Metro experts (or babyboomers) may remember Elvas station, now Opañel.

Access to Abrantes Metro station

Access to Parque Lisboa Metro station

Access to Oporto Metro Station

Are you still hungry for more? Don't worry, our Metro network has much more to offer!

Maybe a tour of Spain? Ibiza, Bilbao, Sevilla…

Not a bad plan, but we'd better leave it for another Crazy About Metro.