Comfortable, fast and technologically renovated, this is what the new Metro Line 1 will be like

Discover all the keys to this summer's actions

On the one hand, the track will have a new concrete platform, which will replace the current wooden sleepers and ballast (gravel or crushed stone used to support the sleepers). The aim is to renovate the rail fastening and support systems, which will enable noise and vibrations to be reduced.

Track renewal is not the only action planned. At the same time, while these works are being carried out, work will also be carried out on the overhead line installations and the signalling system, so that new high-tech devices will be incorporated to manage the crossing and branching of the tracks.

The entire drainage system will also be improved, optimising and reducing the cost of maintenance work and incidents.

Moreover, the suspension of passenger services will be used to carry out asbestos removal work on the infrastructures that require it.

All these actions will have a positive impact on the Metro user's trip experience, as they will make it possible to comprehensively improve the operation of the line, reducing train trip times and introducing greater technological features that increase the reliability of the facilities. All in all, a much-needed renovation, the results of which can be enjoyed from autumn onwards.