Chinese New Year

Cut-out of special Chinese New Year train to print out and assemble

We know that you loved it and we wanted to make you happy

You have probably already seen it; on the occasion of the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, Usera station has been decorated out with motifs from Chinese culture and one of the trains on line 6 has been decorated in the form of a dragon. We have now turned this train into a cut-out to excite both children and adults alike.

It is very easy; all you need is:  

  • to have a PDF-reader installed, such as Acrobat Reader
  • a printer
  • scissors and glue

Download the PDF onto your computer, print it out and you’re ready to have fun!

The image chosen for the decoration alludes to the Year of the Rat, which coincides with 2020 and began on 25 January, which includes details of the Chinese dragon. The rat is an animal associated with wealth and good luck. It is also the year of the Golden Rat, which comes around every 60 years and which, according to Chinese culture, multiplies your good luck. Furthermore, the colour red is traditionally used in Chinese culture for celebrations, above all of the New Year.