Gran Vía

Discover the hidden technology at Gran Vía station

New passenger information systems, differentiated lighting according to the functionality and a traction centre that guarantees the functioning of the installations, among the commitments of the reformed station.

Cutting-edge technology has arrived at Gran Vía. In fact, one of the new features of the station with the greatest impact are its digital panels with information on train times and the status of the network service, located in the entrance lobbies and the platform areas of Lines 1 and 5. Furthermore, the station has a CCTV station control system, with 59 high resolution cameras and the capacity to integrate functions based on advanced video analytics. This is all centralised in a modern control system based on tablets with tactile screens, which facilitates the operation of the station’s electromechanical installations by Metro staff.

Did you know that Gran Vía station has a novel LED lighting system?

It has anti-glare opal diffusers to increase comfort and prevent visual fatigue. In addition, decorative lighting has been installed at Gran Vía station, such as in the main entrance lobby. This is a system of 49 projectors that can be controlled independently, with a wide range of colours to perform transitions and independent lighting effects. The pavilion designed by Antonio Palacios, located in the exterior, also has special lighting.

Lastly, we should highlight one of the elements without which the station would not function: the new Traction Centre (CTR), which provides power to Lines 1 and 5. This has an installed power of 4 MW, with high voltage cells, power transformers and direct current cells. In turn, auxiliary equipment has been incorporated, such as remote controls, ventilation and fire protection systems.